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​04/09/2022   Notice regarding supported OS
Chardonnay Romancia was being developed for
a Windows andMac OS release, but due to
technical issues, we have decided to only release it
for Windows. We will release a Mac version in the future
if we are able to resolve these issues,
but we cannot make definitive commitments at this time.
Our most sincere apologies to those who wished
for a Mac version.
Development is still ongoing and we are aiming for
a late April release. Please look forward to it!
​02/24/2022   Notice regarding release schedule
The release of "Chardonnay Romancia" will be changed
from the original schedule as follows for quality improvement,
including English localization.

April 2022
It will launch with the first two chapters of the story,
after which chapters three through seven will be added in subsequent updates.
01/09/2022   We released this website! 
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